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Jul 1, 2003
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hi everyone my name is Linda and I'm kind of a new member. What I mean by "kind of" is that i registered last summer when I was in a UCLA Pre-medical Prep program for hs students and our T.A. told us we should look into I only posted once mainly because the threads aren't really ones I can answer so I feel somewhat out of place. So if you haven't already guessed it, I'm high school senior and I have a few questions i was wondering if any of you have time to answer.
I'm having a tough time choosing a school and major. However I know pharmacy is my goal and volunteering at UCLA medical Hospital confirmed it.
I've been accepted to:
UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCR, UOP and USC however I didn't get into the TAP program at USC because my application was never recieved and my certificate of mailing was no use but it's okay because I highly doubt I would have been accepted. Anyways, I love all the campuses so I don't know what I should do. I also need some more information on majors I should look into. Molecular biology and biology interest me but I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions?

Any advice about what path I should be taking or any past expriences you have had with schools or majors would really help me out because most people I talk to don't really have time to be specific on these things. If you don't have time I understand because I know all of you are busy and friendly people. thanks!

P.S. sorry it's so long

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All of the schools you have been accepted to are excellent schools. It really doesn't matter where you go for undergrad in order to get into pharmacy school. The major you choose does not matter either although it appears that most people accepted to pharmacy school have a bachelors in some science field and usually it is biochemistry or biology.... Choosing a science field would most likely give you an edge. I suggest majoring in some kind of science that you find interest in while you are an undergrad. What really matters is that you do well in your classes, and take the prerequisites for the pharmacy schools that you wish to attend as well as show an interest in the field by doing volunteer work and being active in your community. If you know you are interested in pharmacy already I noticed from the list of schools you applied to...UOP has an accelerated PharmD program...did you apply to that? It's 5 years and you apply straight into the pharmd program from high school. It could shave a few years off of school. Anyways, good luck with deciding where to go for college!! Hope this helped :)
I would go to UOP, because they offer entry level Pharm D program for undergrads and you won't have to stress about getting into Pharmacy School later on. My friend was accepted to UOP in 2000 but he choose UCI, and he said that was the biggest mistake. Honestly, a private university has smaller class size, cater to students, professors get to know you and they can teach. At the UC, professors don't care if your sick or your grandma died, most of your classes will be of at least 200-300 students, grades are based on a curve, and the professors can't really teach because they are there to do research. I know you would save money going to a UC but you would save time and stress when it comes to applying to Pharmacy School. With the increasing amount of applicants in the field of Pharmacy, I would choose UOP and get my foot in the door right away.