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Split rotations and how/when/what to study


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2+ Year Member
Jun 26, 2017
  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
I am starting my third year shortly. It looks like my school is starting me off with OB, surgery 1, IM 1, psych, FM 1, and then peds 1 for the fall 2020 semester, in that order. I don’t have my winter 2021 schedule yet, but surgery, IM, FM, and peds are disciplines we do two rotations in, which means at least the first three I’m doing nonconsecutively (probably peds too, knowing my luck). I was really hoping to have them back to back so I could really deep dive into one discipline at a time.

How do you guys format your shelf studying when your rotations in the same discipline are months apart? I’m assuming we take our COMAT/shelf exams after the second rotation.

My initial thought is that my school is giving me access to the TrueLearn question bank but I also plan on buying UWorld - so maybe I can use TrueLearn to learn things during the first rotation, but then use UWorld months later during the second rotation, so I don’t use UWorld questions too far before the COMAT and they’ll all be fresh. Thoughts?


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Oct 8, 2016
  1. Medical Student
try to do uworld before truelearn. Thing is the truelearn will be faster to do after uworld if you use uworld as a textbook. You are lucky in that you have 2 mo to really study for these shelves. Personally, there are people who do both in just one month and that is very stressful if your rotation site keeps you for a long time.
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