(Spoiler) AAMC sociology q13

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Apr 30, 2020
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I sort of understand why the answer is B, but AAMC answer explanation says answer choice A is conflict theory, C is rational choice theory, and D is functionalist theory. Can someone please understand how these theories match the answer choices? Im very confused

Despite knowing the health risks of tobacco smoking, some long-term cigarette smokers may not attempt to quit. Which statement best explains this observation from the sociological perspective of symbolic interactionism?
Cigarette manufacturers have targeted certain groups, in order to exploit and profit from those who become addicted.

Smoking signifies membership within a group, which can maintain a social identity along with social connections.

Because people have choices in a democratic society, tobacco regulation only partially protects public health.

As the number of smokers steadily declines, smoking no longer serves the social function that it once did.

AAMC answer explanation: "Answer Key: B This is a Sociology question that falls under the content category “Understanding social structure.” The answer to this question is option B because it provides an explanation that is consistent with the sociological theory of symbolic interactionism. As a theory that focuses on micro-level social relationships, symbolic interactionism explains social phenomena in terms of the meaning that they hold when people interact with one another. The observation that people continue to smoke cigarettes, despite knowing the health risks of tobacco smoking, can be explained by symbolic interactionism’s reference to group membership. For some people, smoking might signify social connection and social identity with a group. As a result, smoking may persist, even knowing that the behavior is harmful. The other response options correspond to other sociological theories: conflict theory (option A), rational choice theory (option C), and functionalist theory (option D). It is a Scientific Reasoning and Problem Solving question because you are asked to choose the explanation that is consistent with a sociological theory."

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for A, People may not quit smoking because they are being exploited by cigarette manufacturers.
anything involving competition for resources, exploiting a class = conflict theory
"Conflict theory focuses on the competition between groups within society over limited resources."

For C rational choice theory = people do things that are in their interest. Think risk vs reward
So the choice/risk of quitting isnt worth the reward of protecting public health because its not in their self interest (my guess, it seems like a stretch).

For D. Functionalism = maintaining society. This is the opposite of what the question is asking for as well so its double wrong.
"institutions, roles, norms, etc. —serve a purpose and that all are indispensable for the long-term survival of the society."