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Jun 9, 2006
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Progression from Graduation to Fellowship
• Completion of initial medical qualification, MB BS or registrable equivalent
• Three years approved medical and surgical experience (Basic training/Foundation training)
• ACSP Part 1 examination, or equivalent
• Four years full time training (or equivalent) with the ACSP
• ACSP Part 2 examination
• Completion of all requirements of the Training Program
• Award of Fellowship of the Australasian College of Sports Physicians (FACSP)

Just need someone in the know to clarify this for me. Are the 3 years highlighted above in reference to the clinical years included in the MBBS or does this refer to three years of practicing after the completion of medical school. Basically is this a 4 or 7 year comittment after the completion of the MBBS?



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Dec 1, 2008
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It is a seven year commitment. This is assuming that the ACSP gets its training program accredited by the AMC.

Be also aware that since this is a new specialty (2007), there is nothing determining (as of yet) exactly what the scope of sports medicine is in reference to Medicare (which I assume will be doing the funding: I can't see much need for sports docs in the hospitals for inpatients).

Prior to the recognition of sports medicine as a specialty, all the sports doctors here were GPs with a grad dip or masters in sports medicine. All of the sports doc I am familiar with spent most of their time doing regular GP consults due to the lack of demand for sports medicine.

Given that it is (very) likely that the majority of sports physicians will be unable to work full time with sports injury related issues only (just like their US counterparts), will they be allowed to do GP consults to maintain their income? It seems unlikely, as now sports docs will not be GPs.

It is a little concerning.
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