St. Luke's Roosevelt in New York City

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Sep 11, 2005
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Does anyone know anything about St. Luke's in Manhattan. I didn't get a chance to visit that one.

How many residents.
How often do you take call (I heard you take call from home)
Any advanced technology (digital x-rays, charting, microscopes...)
Is there subsidized housing offered?

How much prosth as a resident do they do.
and is there an opportunity to place and restore implants
And how many patients do they see a day

Much appreciated

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Anyone have info on this residency??? Thanks.
i heard its possibly the hardest residency to get into in NY. they only take 3 residents and for the most part those residents are oncall every two days, and they have power weekends so they cover 72hrs every 3 weeks. they take call from home but they still cover 2 hospitals. its level 1 trauma so its still active, the guys that were there loved the experience they were getting. It wasnt digital when i visited, maybe it is now but those residents do alot, they get alot of prostho, pedo, implants, endo and OR/trauma experience. I would still try applying there you might get in.
I concur with this note. There are a lot of excellent residency programs in the NY metro area, St. Lukes is one of them, but keep in mind that they are all very different form eachother, and no program can offer everything.