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    anyone have any knowhow/experience about Stanford's MS program in I stupid to be considering this seriously with hopkins in the bag..


    Pros (I think): its housed in the school of medicine (and as a premed looking to got to med school after...this would create opportunities/contacts) + seems like Stanford retains a lot of their epi masters students in some capacity (as students in med shcool, professors etc.)

    - smaller program (~ 20 students)
    - mostly meant for doctoral students in sciences and clinicians looking to supplement their education + get an M.S. rather than MHS (more respected?)
    - its stanford! campus,prestige in itself...etc.

    Cons; wants me to take GRE (admission granted on MCAT but matriculation requires GRE:confused:)
    - no public health school and hence unranked...
    - Hopkins is cheaper, ranked, and the program in international disease epi has an overseas internship component vs a masters thesis at stanford.

    My appeal in getting this degree is to have strong foundational base in epidemiology which would allow me to translate my skills to clinical/public health research...specialization in international health seems most interesting ...(btw Stanford has no IH specific degree but allows specialization in tons of other stuff including infectious diseaes etc.)

    hence my dilema...any former students, friends of former students , relatives...ANYONE ...shed any light?
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    Did you ever get a reply?
    I too am considering applying to Stanford and I have sent them emails with questions but I have never received a reply.

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