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Apr 10, 2002
Hi Everyone!!!

I just got an e-mail from my pre-med advisor and she said that there will be a doctor from stanford univesity medical school here (Michigan State) to talk to undergrads about the summer research program at Standford in Biomedical science. I want to know home many people out there have heard of this and if so did you take part in the program?

I would also like your input on other available summer programs around the country.


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Oct 6, 2002
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i had the opportunity to do some of these programs and they looked awesome. i'm sure it is a great experience and you will make ties in the uni with faculty that may help you down the line. the only downside, which forced me to take the industry route was money. its expensive to live there and the programs pay just enough to live. i needed to save money for school and applying - and i had a good alternative, but this would have been awesome. there is the bioX initiative at stanford that looks amazing - lots to do there. goodluck and look at other programs as well. there are tons of opportunities out there. someone should start a website listing all the surf and summer research programs and fellowships - i don't think a good one exists, it would be an awesome resource. if only i had time ....
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