Start over or finish prereqs and apply for enhancer Post-Bacc?

Nov 17, 2020
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Hi there!

I recently graduated with a degree in political science and during undergrad I flip-flopped about medicine several times. As a result, I took most but not reqs. I still need to complete Ochem, Biochem, one semester of Physics and then Genetics. Gen bio, gen chem, half of physics all completed with labs avg GPA of 3.3 (overall GPA 3.6).

Most postbaccs I see either are complete career changers and require me to retake the prereqs I've already done, or require them ALL to be done and provide more upper level bio experience.

My concern with the first option is largely the fact that it would be more expensive (retake all classes W/O finaid, only loans), and with the second, I would have to finish prereqs at a CC (cheaper) and then apply (I actually REALLY would love to go to UCSD's postbacc program, they accept CC courses as prereqs and I got my bachelors there/want to stay in SD, offer finaid for 1st year).

Any advice or does anyone think I'm missing anything major? The next few years I will be working as an EMT ( which has solidified my interest in medicine-- I'm determined now :)) and currently I am involved in contact tracing as a supervisor, both fairly flexible for taking classes. My third option is to just finish prereqs at CC and just go for it. But even with an upward trend I think my gen bio/chem GPA is concerning.

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