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started residency interviews...now what?

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by trg2002, Nov 4, 2001.

  1. Hi folks,

    I've already started my interviews and now I'm wondering how we (applicants) are supposed to get a feel as to how highly we ranked at a particular program? I heard that some program directors will email applicants that they really like to let them know that they were wanted? Or do they send letters to those applicants that they plan to rank highly?

    I just received thank you letters from the residency director and the department chair person at a program I interviewed at last week. Both letters basically state what the program has to offer and their strengths. However, the letter from the residency director had the following statement, "Our faculty and interviewers were impressed with your credentials and with your enthusiasm for a career in our chosen specialty. We hope that our first meeting will lead to a satisfying relationship in which we together can watch you develop into an outstanding ***ologist" and "I am enthusiastic about our future, and I am convinced that we can provide you with the best possible clinical training in ***ology".
    The letter from the department chair person stated the strengths of the department and the future plans for the department with the following statement, "I strongly believe that our future is rich with opportunity for development, education, and academic pursuit. I would like to see you be part of it".

    Now, are these thank you letters generic? Or could they be considered to be an indication that the interview went well and that they plan to rank me highly?

    Anyone who's been through this fun game? I'd really appreciate any previous experiences....

    Thanks for the help in advance,
  2. pags

    pags Senior Member
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    Aug 28, 2000
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    Well, I'll tell you this. One of my interviewers basically told me that I would be ranked high and would like me, if I was seriously interested in their program, to mail them a letter stating such wishes closer to match time. Hey, if I was a program director, I would want to make sure my top candidates are "interested" in my program, instead of just looking good on paper and hoping that they are.
  3. Neurogirl

    Neurogirl Resident Extraordinaire
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    Sep 29, 2000
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    I'm not sure, but my guess is that most of these types of letters are generic. I received letters from every program I interviewed with. In the end, what I decided to do was send letters to my top three choices. Afterwards, I actually got a call from the chair of my first choice (where I ended up matching), telling me how interested they were. By the way, they CANNOT ask you how you plan to rank them but you can offer the info. If you decide to do this, try to be as honest as you can, but at the same time, don't shoot yourself in the foot...don't tell EVERYONE they'll be ranked #1 (programs DO sometimes talk to each other). The safest thing to do is to limit your correspondence to your top 3-4 choices and tell them all that you plan to rank them highly.
    Hope this info helps. :D

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