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Mar 22, 2008
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I graduated with a B.S in Biology with a 2.6 gpa and my pre-med gpa was terrible around a D. I have no excuse for my low gpa but I can say there was lack of direction,motivation and mild depression involved, nevertheless I am at fault and I realize my mistake, I wish i could start all over but I can't.

I can't get into any post-bach program as my gpa is so low, i dont even think any masters program will accept me.. but I really want to do medicine and i cannot live with regret my entire life. In the end if i dont get in, I will know that i tried the hardest I could and it was not meant to be, but I really really am gonna try to get into med school.

At the moment due to financial issues i am deciding to take most of my pre-req's over again at a community college near my house. Once I finish all my req's again, I will apply afterwards making sure i get A's in them.

How do you think the medical school's will react knowing that I already completed a degree and afterwards took classes at a community college, due to finances and location. Assuming i do stellar on my MCAT and improve my gpa in the pre-req's I know it won't change my over gpa much but they must take into consideration the new grades.

I am also scribing in the ER which is great experience and have 4+ years workin in a health related setting. I am trying to get some research opportunities with professors at some universities so that when the time comes, I will look better as an applicant.

People make mistakes, but does that mean they aren't capable? I don't think so but I feel like I cannot do anything now due to my low gpa but I am very driven motivated and ready to work adn study my butt off because this is what I want and I cannot get this type of satisfaction doing anything else.

PLEASE PLEASE GUIDE this LOST SOUL?!!!! I really need any help and guidance that i may get.. I realized the mistakes I've made now and I really really am depressed all the time like I can't live with this misery anymore...


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Nov 2, 2004
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This thread has been reported by several members due to the statement by the OP about self-harm. SDN takes such statements seriously and we would like to remind the OP and all posters that SDN should not serve as a place to obtain counseling or other advice regarding significant psychological issues. Anyone who is contemplating harming themselves should immediately seek professional counseling advice, not rely on SDN or other non-professional resources.

Members who have serious concerns about their career and would like to post details more anonymously may do so in the Confidential Consult forum.

At this time, given the nature of the thread and the concerns expressed, the moderation staff of SDN will close this thread.

If this is a misunderstanding, you may re-word your thread and re-create it in this forum.

If you have concerns about depression, please see a healthcare professional.


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