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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by NIYO2K2, Jun 23, 2002.

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    I'm currently attending Michigan State University and planning to attending Medical school. I read somewhere that the top medical school accept more individuals from top undergrad universitys and less from State University. What are my chances of getting into top medical schools like University of Michigan or any midical school in Cali (UCLA, UCSF, Stanford,UCDavis, USC)
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    Feb 7, 2002
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    Going to a state school will not necessarily keep you out of a 'top school'. If you have stellar numbers and unique life experiences, you will have a shot. I do think were you go to undergrad can help you in this process, but I also think that going to a state school will not jeopardize your chances.

    As far as applying to the UCs....The chance of an out of state applicant getting into UCDavis is near zero. UCSF and UCLA take roughly 15-20% of their students from out of state, but those students usually have to be incredibly special and have amazing stats/experiences (I've also heard that many of the out of state applicants that are accepted are accepted into the MD/PhD programs). UCSF and UCLA (all the UCs for that matter) give preferential attention to CA residents. Stanford and USC (not to sure about USC b/c I didn't apply there) are more likely to consider out of state applicants. I remember Stanford stating somewhere in their secondary or maybe their website that they give no preferential treatment to CA residents.

    I do know that schools like Columbia accept a very high percentage of applicants who went to Ivy League schools for their undergraduate degrees (I want to say 50-70%). I'm not sure about schools like Duke, Penn, and Wash U St.Louis. I didn't apply to them and don't know anyone who goes to those schools.

    My advice..apply to a broad range of schools. Shoot high, but also apply wisely. best of luck.
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    Why do you want to go to a school in California? Is it because of the weather, or do you want to practice here someday? USC is a private school, and therefore not off-limits to out-of-staters. Don't worry about coming from a public school; as long as you have a good GPA and MCAT, you're golden. If you really want to settle in CA, you might move here and work for a year to gain state residency. If it was just something that sounded like a good idea, and you wanted to study your anatomy books on the beach, don't apply to the UCs. UCD and UCI, in particular, take VERY few out-of-staters.

    And the real bummer is that even though CA schools try to take lots of CA residents, we still get farmed out all over the place because there aren't enough UC spots! Argh.

    Love and Peace,

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