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Stats for entering class 2007....

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by DrMccodell, May 17, 2007.

  1. DrMccodell

    DrMccodell 5+ Year Member

    May 9, 2007
    Does anyone know when the stats for this past cycle are going to come out? Will it not be until classes start in aug? Thanks
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  3. pennybridge

    pennybridge Banned Banned

    Oct 13, 2006
    considering no school has finalized their incoming classes until classes start....

    yeah I'd say sometime after august.
  4. DrVanNostran

    DrVanNostran 10+ Year Member

    Mar 19, 2006
    The new MSAR has some new numbers, they are the forums somewhere. All I remember was the new median is 32P, not 31 regardless it is getting more and more competitive...
  5. alwaysaangel

    alwaysaangel 5+ Year Member

    Sep 4, 2006
    Orange, CA
    Well since the only thing that posts all the stats for all the schools (and the overall applicant pool) in one place is the MSAR. It will come out next April.

    If you're talking individual schools, well that depends on the individual schools. But most have to finalize their class first - so August at the earliest.
  6. DrMccodell

    DrMccodell 5+ Year Member

    May 9, 2007
    UT-Houston already has there's up so Im sure other school have them too they just havent posted them yet...

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