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Aug 2, 2014
Good points, as long as your patients respect and value your care that’s all that matters at the end of the day. What I intended to say was that society as a whole doesn’t always see it that way and that’s the reality. Some people do some people don’t. That’s been my experience at least. The money definitely is better than majority of jobs in the country and will provide you a comfortable living. But in my opinion if someone is going into it JUST for the money and doctor title, they should look into medicine or dentistry.
I agree that those whose only goal is to make as much money as possible would do well to avoid the healthcare field. However, money is an important aspect of any career decision. The real point I wanted to make about money is to refute comments I've read in the past such as "I don't care about the money because I love every aspect of Optometry and it's my passion." While passion and interest are good, that's a terrible attitude. I would not have pursued this career if I didn't think it would provide a comfortable situation for my family. On the other side of the spectrum, "Optometry sucks because Dentists make more" is equally idiotic. I could never do what Dentists do all day, ergo I am not a Dentist. Many feel that way about Optometry as well, and see it as boring and repetitive. That's fine.

I really think the perceived "doctor title" problem surfaces when there is perceived inferiority in the mind of someone who wants to feel as though they are as prestigious and important as the most accomplished surgeon. If your level of self respect or perceived respect from others (which can certainly affect the former) is based on time spent in school, or ability to perform surgery, then you will probably feel empty in this profession. If you take pride in your abilities, and the affect you can have on someone's life then it's a good road. I'm only one person in one part of the country, and I'm aware there must be external reasons to feel inferior to other professionals. Doctors of all kind are human beings and some are unpleasant. In the political world I think this matters more. Luckily, in clinical practice the chances are more in favor of having positive interprofessional relationships. Most of the put-downs toward other professions I've seen here come slinging from the mouths of pre-meds, pre-opts, pre-dents, etc. and the imaginary hierarchy gets amplified by those who want to reaffirm that they are on the path to self-fulfillment.

Sorry that was long winded, and thanks for clarifying your comments, I hope you don't feel like I'm attacking you in any way. Good luck in your studies.


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Feb 20, 2017
It's easy for you, presumably a woman who has no understanding of the real world to talk about pursuing passions, especially when your mommy/daddy most likely are paying your way through only for it to result in you having a dead end part time job OR, because of nepotism/connections working with your mommy/daddy or their friends.

There is no reason at all to go into optometry nowadays. You accrue a debt of 200k+, go through the same amount of schooling as pharmacists and dentists only to get paid way less and have way less job safety/guarantee.

It's people like yourself who are spoiled and very indifferent to the status/state of optometrists that lead to the situation most new od's are in. Congratulations on being part of the problem, congratulations on being a benign parasite on the profession, idly sitting by as the majority of us bleed out slowly. Real life isn't all dreams and passion, you'll realize that one day when reality hits you.

EDIT: good god you're a highschool student, out of the goodness of my heart, all I can tell you is stay away, take your time to do your research and decide carefully, take a look at all the hundreds of posts of people on this forum telling you to stay away from this trashcan tier career (I didn't listen to them all those years ago).

If you want a good career in healthcare that pays well, go for pharmacy/dentistry or hell even a masters in public health or epidemiology, optometry is a near sunken ship. If you have the aptitude for optometry, you might as well apply yourself a little harder and go to medical school which has a MUCH greater payout. As a family physician you'll make more than an optometrist just working 3 days a week. You'll earn more than optometrists working 6 days a week for long hours for commercial chains as a general practitioner/family physician working 3-4 days a week for 6 hours a day. Let that sink in.

Can't accept a job that doesn't exist. In todays oversaturated markets, a 100k+ job as an optometrist is virtually non existent, you're lying to yourself and everybody on this website, very unethical of you.
The fact you think in spoiled and my parents pay for my stuff shows what type of person u are. Quick to judge over a text lol never met me in real life


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Dec 28, 2009
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Whoever posted this obviously is a pessimistic person. All the students who are graduating in 2019 are making average 120K+ and there are potential to make more. Optometry is not dead and be proud of being an Optometrist. If you don't like it then move on to something else and stop trolling.
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Feb 7, 2019
That's rough, and I lament your challenges.

I totally understand your financial situation and the job market pressures, as well as the less than desirable working conditions of working corporate optometry.

I've only worked at one corporate job that I absolutely hated (I quit out of the blue with no job lined up because I was so pissed off, not to mention it was operating illegally and I got subpoenaed by the DCA), and I fortunately secured a super awesome f/t hospital gig that pays a whopping 70% more while seeing 30% less patients per day.

Working retail and in corporate settings is always terrible. I've never worked in private practice or got any job offers, so I don't know what working conditions are like there.

I'm incredibly happy, lucky, AND GRATEFUL for having my current job, and I can't imagine what I'd be doing if I wasn't selected for the job. I was burnt out from just one year in corporation, and the job boards in California have postings very far and few between.

FYI if you see vision precision holdings, run the f*** away.
Did you complete a residency ?


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May 14, 2017
Most dentists are starting out at 90k dude. You have to be strategic in your market, competition, and the population around you. There are therapists making 110k starting with 80k debt next to the private school dentist making 90k with 400k debts. It's all supply and demand, reimbursement fluctuations, marketing, surrounding population, and Bls and hrsa predictions.

If you think you're a pretty fairy entitled to six figures due to six figs debt then you're an idiot who doesn't understand healthcare payment and loans as well as sacrifice. Wait it out til your market gets better and compete if possible or stop being a special little ****ing snowflake. Yes it ****ing sucks with loans and bankruptcy not currently being an option (will change...guaranteed....) and ways to manage better should be more manageable but Jesus, grow a pair and learn what you're getting into and trying to make a living off of based on what populations want.

This isn't the baby boom don't get extra compensation due to higher education only. Attack need, demand, and capitalism. That's how you make money and survive.
Not true about 90K (one of my teachers at my school makes that 2 days a week).....try $150k.... no residency, 4 years. In my area we start off $160-$170k. Optometry is a good gig if you work in a needed area much like anything else.


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Mar 2, 2015
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Rural parts of SC. Just look at for dentist jobs
*scratches head* why look at dentist jobs if you're looking for optometrist jobs?