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staying motivated at home



hi SDN -- i'm finding myself extremely bored while doing anki at home and watching online lectures. not seeing patients/classmates is taking its toll. i feel like i should be using this time to get ahead on USMLE prep, but i'm struggling to merely keep up with class material.

what are your strategies for staying productive from home? i've used a pomodoro timer to maintain pace during anki but i'd love to hear what you guys have been doing.


Zoom/Microsoft teams study groups helps, both with the seeing people aspect and with accountability. If I know I’m supposed to run a study session on x number of lectures, I’m going to learn them really well.
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I'm kind of just letting myself fizzle out. Summer will be here in a week and I can recuperate a few weeks before starting Step prep.

The promise of exams coming keeps me studying. Do a practice test or old exam. Your unpreparedness will motivate you.
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I tell chemistry jokes periodically.
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Oct 18, 2016
  1. Medical Student
Changing my pomodoro pacing helped. Instead of 30 on/5 off I did 15 on/5 off. You’ll end up decreasing your overall time on, but the time you do spend studying will probably be more productive

Also recommend studying outside if that’s an option for you.
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Musty Goose

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Oct 9, 2012
On the road
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My concentration has slowly tanked as quarantine began 2 months ago. I barely find myself concentrating 30 min at a time nowadays. 50 min on and 10 min was effective pre-covid but now I'm happy if I can stay focused for 20 minutes.
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