Step 2 CK before Step 1?

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Jun 3, 2020
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Hey. I am a final year IMG and in my country we don’t get time off to study for the steps like US medical schools. I haven’t given step 1 nor have I started studying for it. I’m thinking about giving step 2 ck first as it covers almost the same content.
What do you guys recommend? Or can someone please share their experience?
Thank You.

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I'm also an IMG, studying for CK in August. I decided to do CK first for the same reason but if I could I would've done step 1 first to refresh on the basic sciences. I've realized that there is quite a bit of overlap with step 1 and 2CK. You can take step 2 CK first though, I've seen many others do it (and I'm still going for it). I would just read certain parts of FA step 1 (micro, pharm and biostats).