Step 2 CK timing for Ophtho and Prelim application

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Jul 17, 2012
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I've reviewed the answers from the past few years, and the consensus was to only take Step 2 CK earlier in the year if you need to bolster your Step 1 score.

I scored a 250 on Step 1 and don't think I'm in a position to improve on that score by more than 10 points (or at all), so my thought is that I'll just wait until October-ish to take it. But I can make mid to late August work if it'd be beneficial or necessary (though again, I won't have a schedule that will allow me to score significantly higher).

So the questions that I'm hoping you'll help answer:

1. Are any ophtho programs requiring Step 2 before match/interview? I know that this is a trend in other specialties, but I'm hoping that because ophtho is an early match it isn't following suit.

2. Is Step 2 required/strongly suggested for transitional or other prelim year programs?

I know that I can (and probably will) make some calls to figure this stuff out for myself, but I thought I'd first take advantage of the collective wisdom of SDN.

Thanks in advance.
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Aug 6, 2010
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I don't remember any programs that specifically required step 2 CK scores, but there were a few that told me they liked to see them (don't remember which at this point, but a few programs commented during my interviews). That being said, I know several people who didn't even take step 2 CK or CS until after SF match results in January, and they matched fine, for both Ophtho and prelim. So basically, do what you're comfortable with and what works with your schedule!