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May 2, 2000
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Hi fellow Step2-ers,

The $45 self-assessment packs for the Step 2, CK, are fairly new. I am finding them generally much harder and trickier than, say, Q-Bank. Yes, there are lots of hard Q-bank questions, and some straightforward NBME ones. But the general level of the NBME self-assessments seems more difficult. I feel like I should trust the NBME-written packs to represent the real thing, but those are the same people who distribute the sample questions when you register, which everyone says are deceptively easy. Anyone with any experience, insights, info? Thanks!


Well, not sure if it's comparable, but last summer when I took Step 1, the NBME "practice tests" were a little too difficult, IMHO. :) I wasn't too happy with my scores in both practice tests (below or right around the mean), yet my actual score on Step 1 was decent.


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Feb 3, 2004
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for step 2, I scored 420 on the first nbme practice test 2 weeks prior to my test and then a 450 on the second one with 1 week to go. since i did additional preparation for the test up to the test date I think that I would have scored around a 470 on test date. well i wound up scoring 211/86 which is equivalent to about a 470 so I think the nbme is the real deal. I also think that the breakdown of how well you did on the subjects are accurate too. the same hold true for me in step 1.
post or pm me if you have any questions but the nbme is a good assessment of how well you will do. I think if you can get above a 400 on the thing before your test then you can be assured that you should pass the real deal.

good luck again
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