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step 2


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Mar 13, 2007
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Step II experience:

I think 80 to 90% of the questions were: 1.-Most likely diagnosis and 2.-next step in the management.
So its very important to study the order in which you start the managment or diagnosis of a disease, you dont need to know doses or specifications about the treatments
High yield: Immunodeficiencies, Congenital cardio defects, a lot of rheumatology, like pain in joints or knees or limping, defects associated to genetic diseases like turner

First aid really help me, a lot of stuff of first aid was on the test
Some side effects of very common medications, learn very good the milestones for pediatry, obgyn is easy so study very hard that way u gain points on that questions

Nothing about EKG nor arteries involved in strokes

I dont know my result yet, if i remeber somethig else i will post it.
I hope it helps
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