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Mar 26, 2009
This is my first year at Rutgers University and I am in my 2nd Semester.

My first semester grades were:

Bio: C+
Chem: C+
Expos Writing: C+
Calc: B

My second semester grades are projected to be:

Bio Stdy Grp: A
Chem Lab: B
Theater Appreciation: A

My cum GPA will be a 3.0.

Now im starting to think about how i got a B in bio and chem after a LOT of studying. Im thinking if a bio major isnt cut out for me, or even if it is i want to minor in econ.

I was thinking of doing a dual major in Bio and Econ- is that smart? I can catch up over the summer.

Or should i try to transfer to the business school and just major in Finance? Will jobs see that I didnt do well in my science classes but really well in my business classes?