Stony vs. Buffalo

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Jun 1, 2012
School 1: Stony Brook

  • So close that I will be living at home
  • Because of the above, will also be cheaper of the two
  • Reputation for matching graduates to specialties
  • Closer to NYC
  • Very old
  • Operatories seem small and cramped
  • Have heard the requirements are not very balanced and may be difficult to fulfill
  • School isn't doing much (if anything) in the way of preparing for integrated boards
  • Suburb
  • Research seems lacking compared to Buffalo
  • Reputation for having gunners (definitely got this vibe from some of the other kids at my interview)
  • Student body not that diverse
Not sure if Pro/Con:
  • Half the class size of buff (46)
  • Unranked (A/B/C/F grading I believe)
  • Didactics are same as medial school for non clinical years
  • I feel like the reputation for matching is just that, a reputation only
School 2: Buffalo

  • In an actual city
  • Access to larger patient pool
  • Still has cheaper cost of living/property compared to Long Island
  • Research seems very strong and much more interesting projects
  • Has faculty directly involved in some way with new boards and so will be poised to prepare students well
  • Had an overall friendlier vibe
  • Much nicer clinic/preclinic
  • Snow!
  • Far from friends/family/NYC
  • Class size grows in clinical years with addition of IDPs
Not sure if Pro/Con:
  • Start with larger class size of around 90 (but still not huge)
  • Ranked (same grading scheme I believe)
  • 3rd year seems to be the most difficult year whereas at other schools I've mostly heard 2nd year being the most difficult
  • I believe you start getting into clinic in first year?

Summary: The top priority for me is going to a school that will put me in the best position to specialize (not just one that has the best reputation for specializing in general, but the one that will be the best fit for me personally). I think for me this means going to a school that will let me have a balanced experience both academically and socially, and one which would let me put together a well rounded application, including grades/rank/research projects. As of right now I am leaning towards Buffalo because of the more collegial environment I sensed there, strong research, and larger patient pool. On the other hand, Stony Brook would be much more convenient and cost effective as I would be living at home. I'd also be closer to my social circle (not sure this is necessarily a good thing, I was thinking moving would help me limit distractions and FOMO). Other than that I don't really have any strong pull towards Stony (not a big fan of Long Island tbh). Could any current students speak to the clinical requirements of both (and how easy/difficult you felt it was to complete those requirements)? Think that would really help me decide. Thanks!
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