Jun 22, 2020
I am a rising third year pre med. I want to spend this summer productively studying for the MCAT. However, I haven't decided whether to take gap years yet. Depending on that, I might not take my MCAT for a few more years.

How "retain-able" is studying for the MCAT? I heard compared to step 1, MCAT is more reasoning, which should be retainable. Suppose you asked a 2nd year med student to retake it, would you expect them to do well (let's say with a 2 week quick review)?
Feb 5, 2020
MCAT involves a lot of memorization, so I wouldn’t expect to receive the same score if I take the test two years from now. However, i would be able to memorize them again and pick them up fairly quickly, since I just need to wake up my memory. Also, CARS section involves a specific type of reasoning that you’ll likely forget over time. If you have nothing better to do this summer, then it wouldn’t hurt to start reviewing concepts but don’t do any practice tests.
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