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Oct 17, 2012
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I currently have access to the RxPrep CPJE quiz bank. I don't feel it will be sufficient to just rely on RxPrep CPJE questions. I had access to the NAPLEX/clinical section in the past. I wouldn't mind using RxPrep again. I will retake CPJE in April and I am searching for affordable short-term resources to practice the clinical portion of the CPJE exam

I can buy RxPrep -Naplex -2 month subscription for $149
Kaplan - NAPLEX Qbank for 1 month= $99
Kaplan- NAPLEX QBank for 2 month = $149

Pass Naplex Now does not offer short term subscriptions!

I don't know of any other resources that offers short term subscription. I do not care about calculations or big complicated case scenarios. I will only be studying for the CPJE exam. I passed the NAPLEX exam a while ago.

I would prefer to just pay $99 as it is cheaper but I haven't heard of anyone using Kaplan. I'd like to get your feedback on Kaplan vs RxPrep. What resources would you recommend for me to purchase and why? Feel free to mention another online study resource.
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Jul 18, 2017
I am thinking maybe end of next week or the week after the latest.
have you already taken your exam?how was it?is rxprep enough for clinical portion,my subscription for quiz banks have ended do you think i should buy it again or just review the book?
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