Mar 6, 2010
I studied exclusively off the Exam Krackers (year 2004) books when I took the 'CAT back in 2007.

Got a 31 (12PS, 9 BS, 10 VS)

Looking to improve me score by 4 points or so. I am now retaking the test in June. On the advice of many I bought the Berkeley Review books for Chemistry and O-Chem, these were fantastic books and I feel I understand the basic chemistry concepts better now then ever. For Physics my friend gave me his NOVA Physics books and I know thats pretty solid for that...

My only dilemma is Bio. I know they changed the test in '05 to have more genetic based questions, and my EK book does precede this change. But I already spent 2 weeks with my EK book. BR books are great, but they are much slower to read then the EK books, and I'm starting to run out of time (2 months, but I haven't started physics!)

My original plan was to just go to a book store, find the current newest EK Bio book and look at the updated Genetics chapter. I mean, I work in a molecular biology lab as a research tech, I'm pretty solid on the concepts of mRNA, DNA, and cell phis.

So... is the 2008 EK bio book (or BK bio) really that much different from the 2004 version?