Retaking a 514 (125 bio)

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May 30, 2023
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Hi all,

I'm a CA ORM (male, Indian) who would love to work with queer POC patient populations in California as a queer POC myself. However, my MCAT score breakdown was unfortunate; while I had an overall score of 514, my subsections were not balanced. 128 in chem/phys, 130 in CARS, 125 in bio/biochem, and 131 in psych/soc. My experiences with California populations is why I chose to pursue a career in medicine, so I'd really love to go to medical school in CA. Family, partner, my entire support system are here. However, I'm wondering if this MCAT breakdown would hold me back. I'm currently a junior at Berkeley with a 3.75 gpa (3.65 science), so not incredibly strong in stats but doing okay. Free clinic and research work in sexual health for queer folks, as well as service hours in mentoring underprivileged students. Working towards a published paper.

Should I retake to give myself a better shot at CA schools? I was miserable studying for this stupid test, but will do it if I need to give myself a better chance.

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A 514 is high enough that retaking is a bad idea. You're pretty likely to do worse at that point.

Apply to DO schools in California as well. I hate that it's so competitive for you guys out there but in no universe is retaking a 514 smart.
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