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Jul 11, 2003
    Hi I was wondering if yall can help me or give some advice. I have trouble focusing while studying. I read the material, but alot of the times I find myself thinking about something else. Do you have any tips on concentration? Thanks


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    Jan 29, 2004
      HA, since I'm reading SDN 12 hrs before my surgery shelf, I'M the last one to offer advice.

      But....find a quiet place, and it might even mean leaving your house/apartment. I never studied in a library or coffee shop or the like until medical school, but something about packing up my stuff and treking some place made me sit my butt down and study. I was also not a music person before, but now I often need some sort of background noise.

      AND remember to take breaks, and if you can mix-up your studying with different things (i.e. reading text, reading cases, doing questions), it might help.
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