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Jan 23, 2004
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I am a pre-med student so I have no clue about the requirements for dental school. My friend is in her first year of pre-dental and is confused about whether or not you need a bachelors degree to enter dental school or just the 2 years of pre-reqs?
I thought you needed a degree but some guy at our school said he was getting into dental school next year and he is only a sophmore. He said he had spoke with some of the dental schools he was interested in and they told him that the pre-professional advisors are misleading students to believe they need a degree. Is this guy pulling her leg?


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Mar 18, 2004
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you do not need a degree to get into dental schools. you just need to do all the prereq classes. however, dental schools prefer people with degree, because it obviously looks much better. if you have great GPA and DAT, you got a good chance. however, i did some research with info provided by my school's pre health center, and i found out only around 2 % of applicants who apply without degree get into dental school each year. i mean getting into dental schools is hard thing..and all of the applicants who are applying are intelligent and also passionate about dentistry( i think :) )


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Dec 17, 2003
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Some schools offer program that will let you get in before you complete your BA/BS. These programs are for the top-notch students who have great DAT scores.

Realistically, you have much better chances with a Bachelor's in something. I am actually glad that I got a Bachelors, I feel a MILLION times more mature and confident now then when I first got into college (dumb kid fresh out of high school)..
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