Sub-I at Home Institution

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Sep 1, 2011
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Posted in clinical rotations but figured this would me more relevant here. If you had already completed a 3rd year elective in anesthesia at your home institution, do you think it is still necessary to do a sub-I there? I only ask because I would prefer to use that month to do another away rotation instead. I know the faculty at my program very well and have no doubt they would write me a solid letter of recommendation. Would this move be frowned upon...?

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i feel like most people know what anesthesia rotations are all about for med students, and i do not think anyone will congratulate you for doing another one. maybe thats cynical, but i think an ICU month would be better for you. i dont think it matters where you do that month, however, should you choose to do another anesthesia month; might as well stay at home.
I did a 2-week rotation in a different hospital than my M3 rotation, but same town and under the university umbrella.

I opted to stay in town because of my family obligations, but I just finished my first 2-weeker and it was amazing. I was doing pretty much everything with supervision by the end of my rotation, and I don't know that I would have gotten that experience at a place with residents. Maybe, but this was really a great experience for me. And got me a super letter.

My next one is at the hospital from M3 and with my M3 Anesthesia preceptor. We really clicked last year and he had a whole plan for great experience for me if I decided I wanted to come back. So I am, and I know his letter will be fantastic too.

Maybe it will hurt because I'm not exposing myself to another program, but I'm applying very widely and can't rotate at them all. I just wanted to focus on getting lots of experience by doing and getting great LORs.

I'm also doing a month in the ICU in October. Too late for LOR, but the experience will be good to talk about in interviews.

Just thought I'd throw out there how/why I stayed local. Everyone's different :)