Submitting courses after submitting application

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So I am applying this summer cycle and also will take 1 or 2 science courses during the time I submit my application. However, those classes end in 6 weeks so do I have the option to submit my grades into the application and change my GPA after submitting my application?

The course ends on the 29th of July, and I plan on submitting everything early July. Is this possible, and do schools receive the new updated application quickly or even bother to look at it?


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You can update your coursework November-February using the academic update within the application, but that is the only time to do so.
Yup. You have to make a decision if you want to wait to submit until august when your grades come in or not. I have the same issue. I'm taking two or three summer courses. One ends June 28th and I plan to submit immediately after that one but I'm not waiting for my other course that ends in late July because many schools will be getting ready to send out invites july and August and it could take a month for aadsas to calculate gpa