Nov 3, 2010
Hey guys,

Typical sob story here. Jerked around my first two years of university, combination of depression, some family problems, and general lack of motivation led me to have a 2.7 gpa.

Over the summer I got to work at a hospital in Africa and saw what it was like to be a doctor. I somehow got the motivation and now im a junior, so far this semester I have a 3.6 and hope to raise that more by the time finals come around. Im not saying that ill get a 4.0 for the rest of my uni, but I really hope to improve on myself now that I have seen what I want to become, I really can't imagine myself doing anything else.

So If I show a strong grade trend increase, possible transfer out of my current uni to a better one where I have more opportunity to do research and more options to take classes, spend an extra year bringing my grades up, do really well on the MCAT, get some good EC's, and basically just show the adcoms that I am capable, would this work?

I am quite aware of the DO option and will definitely apply to DO schools come my app time. I just wanted advice specific to MD schools.
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Sep 4, 2006
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Keeping in mind that the mean stats for thsoe accepted to allopathic med schools are 3.66/30.8:

With two years of 2.7 and two more years of 3.6, your cGPA would be 3.15.
With 2+two more years of 4.0, it would be 3.35.
With 2+3 more years of 4.0, it would be 3.48.

With a very strong MCAT score, you might get an MD acceptance.
With a 30+ MCAT score, you would qualify for an SMP (Special Masters Program) which would override your undergrad GPA, which a traditional masters will not.
With a 26-30 MCAT score, you could get into a DO med school, depending on application GPA.