Sep 2, 2015
Psychology Student
Due to some unfortunate circumstances I am likely leaving my PhD in Neuroscience, and will be applying for Social Work Programs this semester with the ultimate goal of becoming an LCSW.

I've seen very little talk of licensure, and from my understanding, that is because there is little standardization across state boards. Nonetheless I have seen some comments being made about people having to PAY for supervision. To me, this makes the LCSW sound nigh unattainable. In one thread I noted someone paying 40$/hr for supervision (for 2000-3000 hours?). Is this truly common practice? Are there certain jobs where supervision is more easily acquired?

I could hardly imagine shelling out >80k while making 40k/year just for the credential.
Nov 26, 2013
I will be paying $40 an hour. I met with a supervisor who wanted $60 and another who wanted $100. In my state we need 100 hours of supervision. We need 3,000 hours of clinical social work services. It varies state by state as you mentioned.
I live in one of the worst states for clinical social works and new grads. I graduated in Boston and all of my colleagues got supervision "included" with their jobs. Thats common with many jobs in many states.
My state is just... Awful and clinical jobs for unlicensed folks are rare. Damn near non existent thus why ppl can charge insane amounts for supervision services.

I'm ranting. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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Sep 2, 2015
Psychology Student
Submarine, if you don't mind me asking, what state do you live in, Mass? Did you leave to a different state where supervision is more challenging to get?


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Jan 23, 2012
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Just to emphasize what sub said, you only have to pay for the supervision hours, not all hours needed for licensure.

My state requires 4000 hours for LCSW and 100 hours of supervision. The most I've heard of someone charging is $100 an hour, and if you are earning 35 clinical hours a week, that would work out to 50 hours of supervision a year. So even at 50 hours x $100 that's $5000 a year.

My state is mixed, most CMHC come with supervision, found out one of the hospitals here provide supervision for their social workers, but not my hospital (of course).
Sep 12, 2015
Hello...I live in Indiana and currently working towards my LMHC...which the requirements are similar. I slso have a Masters in Psychology and have worked in the Social Services/Mental Health fields for over 15 yrs. I have found that several mental health agencies or even working as an Independent Contractor (Home Based Therapy or Case Management) have individuals/employees who are already licensed who can conduct and sign off on supervision hours without having to pay...if you are an employee.

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