Thoughts on LCSW Supervision for Counselor Licensure

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Jun 18, 2023
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Some years ago the Board of Counseling in my state decided to stop allowing hours supervised by LCSWs, Psychologists, or other professions to count towards becoming licensed as a Professional Counselor. Currently there is a push to change that, though a public request to the Board to change this policy. The public comment for that request can be found here: Virginia Regulatory Town Hall List Comments

I know we have a lot of LSCWs and LPCs here, so I thought it would be interesting to hear your thoughts. Personally I wish the Board of Counseling would bring back the ability for both LCSWs and Psychologists to supervise Counselors towards licensure, but I am curious what you all think. You can also see a post about this topic here:

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I think the multidisciplinary approach to supervision is generally a good one. It exposes trainees to multiple perspectives on mental health.

Weird that psychologists aren't included on rule change.
I agree. I think that the petitioner who introduced this proposed change is an LCSW, so that is their focus. I would hope if this change does happen it would also open the door for Psychologists to be included in the future.
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I was unaware of this. Strange since they just expanded medicare billing rights to LPCs so you should see a lot more of them in hospitals.