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Sep 2, 2003
Chicago, Il
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Hey did you guys notice some people are just really nice....Today I came home a little early got my picture taken for the ticket thing and as I was checking my mail a girl I met like a year ago just dropped me a note to wish me luck for Saturday... man I really didn't even know her all that well but I can't believe it. And people in general are all just like you'll do it. Wow! I can't tell you hoe lucky I feel I just hope I can make them all proud!
SO for all of you out there who don't have some one sweet in your life in these difficult times, man, you'll do it, your gonna do it and your gonna be great! SO smile and be calm. good luck all. :D Ohh, ohh I almost forgot don't forget pasta and spuds ( i forgot how to spell the real word potato?)
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