Surgeon Stereotypical personalities

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    I have been intrigued by this topic for awhile now- observing various surgeons. Here are a few of my observations (Note I am only an M2 and my intention here is not to offend anyone- these are all generalizations I know- so feel free to post about your observations):

    General surgeons- consummate bread and butter surgeons, good judgement and take little crap from anyone

    Thoracic surgeons- cerebral, compulsive, fearless, marathon-like endurance and quite extroverted relative to others

    Vascular surgeons- meticulous, precise and know there anatomy like the back of their hand

    Plastic surgeons- very creative and aesthetically pleasing bunch

    ENT surgeons- polite, sophisticated bunch, more introverted

    Urologists- funny, laid back, very smart but you would never realize it, "the gentlemen" of surgery

    Neurosurgeons- dead on serious people- the polar opposite to urologists

    Orthopods- we all know this one

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