Swap PG2 FM to PG2 IM or Open IM PG2?

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Mar 31, 2009
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I am in a great PG1 FM program in the Midwest and am interested in changing specialties because I have finally found my love (Cardiology) and need to get into a IM program as a PG2 starting July 2009. The program can be allopathic or osteopathic...

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Allopathic IM programs will only give you 3 months of IM credit at the PGY-1 level, so you will need to look for a PGY-1 slot. The only exception is that if your program has an IM residency and if you rotate on a service where you are treated exactly like an IM resident, then you MIGHT get credit for those months.
Agree...you're going to have to do at least part of intern year over again, so you need to get a PGY1 IM. Nobody is going to take you as a PGY2.
Look before you leap, though, since cards fellowship is hard to get from some community programs. If your PD knows about this and supports it, see if he/she can be of any help at perhaps getting you into IM at your hospital, or a nearby university program if your hospital doesn't have an IM program.