Swap PGY2 Anesthesia spot in Northwest for Midwest/Northeast

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Oct 4, 2012
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No longer looking.

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Hey there, I'm in LA. Not one of the cities you're looking for, but just in case someone responds looking for LA, we could make it a 3 way swap. I'd be happy to take a spot esp if it's Oregon,
Looking at this thread, I see there is a responder from los angeles. I would love to get back to los angeles. I currently have a CA-1 spot in 2013 in the midwest if you would like to entertain this three way swap?
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Hi. I know a CA2 Anesthesiology resident in a major university program in NYC, looking to leave the city. Are you still looking to swap? If so, please IM me.
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Currently have PGY2 anesthesia spot at prestigious Northwest university starting summer 2013. Looking to relocate to Chicago, Boston, NYC, or DC for personal reasons. Please reply or message if interested in swapping.

I am currently in PA (2hrs from NYC) and looking to swap. Are you still interested?