Nov 25, 2010
Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm currently finishing my senior year of undergrad at Juilliard as a classical piano performance major but I'm now thinking about changing direction to eventually apply for medical schools. I was wondering what my chances are of eventually getting into a good medical school and what steps I should take?

I was thinking that I would return home to Boulder, CO to study at CU Boulder as a non degree seeking student. I would spend a couple years to fulfill the prerequisites and study for the MCAT. If I get a high GPA in these pre requisites and do well on the MCAT do you think I would have a good chance to get into medical school? Is it likely for music undergrads to get accepted into medical school?

My current GPA at Juilliard fluctuates a lot perhaps because music is such a subjective and experiential field. Some classes I just have a naturally better or worse grasp of things. I have gotten a couple C's throughout the years because of my poor sight reading. No matter how much I practiced sight reading, I couldn't read full symphonic scores and transpose songs by sight. Sight reading is just not one of my strengths so I landed a couple Cs that way.. but for the most part I get As and Bs in my other classes. I don't know how GPA calculations really work but the GPA for my past six semesters are 3.57, 3.71, 3.29, 3.36, 3.7, and 3.69. I guess what I'm worried about is the C's dragging my GPA down. Will medical school admissions care about my Juilliard GPA even though it's entirely music related courses or would they look more at the GPA of the prerequisite courses I take in the next couple of years?

Sorry for the long post. I really appreciate any opinions and insight I can get. Thanks so much! I feel so lost trying to change fields



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Oct 12, 2009
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I was a piano performance major, and it has helped a lot so far. If you show the same amount of dedication toward your prereqs and ECs, I don't think you will have any major problems getting into a 'good' school.


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Sep 4, 2006
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Something like 60% of music majors who apply are accepted to med school.

Yes, cGPA counts. The BCPM GPa counts too (all your science and math classes). A few Cs are not a bar to a med school acceptance, so long as you have enough As to balance them. Besides a good MCAT score , you'll also need to acquire the usual and customary Experiences that med school adcomms like to see. Your music will be an excellent one to list.