Hi all,

I've been doing research on the various schools to which I'd like to apply (Pitt, TJU, UMBC, UNC, MUSC) and recently learned that Pitt offers a systems-based curriculum at the Pharmacy school which, to me, is excellent. I had always told my friends in med school with this approach that this would be the best way of learning for me (vs. the traditional model).

Does anyone have knowledge on any other schools that might offer a systems-based curriculum?

Thanks much!!


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Apr 23, 2006
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Could you elaborate on the systems-based approach. Are you referring to systems of the body - such as CV, Endocrine, GI/GU???

Many programs utilize this approach. Almost all of the accelerated programs do. However, this approach is limited in some ways to therapeutics (unless the program is accelerated and introduces many related concepts at the same time).

As I alluded to - look into accelerated programs.