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Nov 7, 2008
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I know it counts towards my BCPM, but will it provide any use on the MCAT and/or in med school?


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Jun 16, 2012
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It is pretty cool to think about. And familiarity with biotech can help you with some of the passage scenarios. I did some biotech research (a very simple independent study project at my local community college) and found that a very similar methodology was employed by the fake researchers in one of my MCAT passages. So biotech is good for that -- you learn about commonly used (hi-tech) methodologies and learn how to interpret results.

C'mon.. you just know learning about gene cloning via recombinant techniques and nucleic acid sequencing via the Sanger method is going to make you better at MCAT biology passages.

Then again...just about any course has the opportunity to help you improve on at least ONE of the three MCAT sections -- even though often times it's the VR section in liberal arts coursework. So this is a question of opportunity cost -- would taking biotechnology prevent you from taking a course with more high yield MCAT concepts in it?

If you've already taken Genetics, Micro, Biochem, and Physical Chemistry, then the answer is probably "no." Otherwise I'd look into taking one of those.