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Sep 2, 2011
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My school has an early acceptance agreement with George Washington School of Medicine and apart from the fact that it's extremely expensive, I know nothing about it.

There are (2) programs offered at my school, one with GW and the other with the Medical College of Virginia (VCU), a school that I would most definitely prefer to attend (As I am a VA Resident), however...

The program with GW accepts an unlimited amount of students (Usually 3-4 apply, I got to a Business-oriented school) , and the program with VCU accepts 2 students (and almost 10 of the best applicants at my school, 4.0's apply). So obviously, my chances of getting into GW are better.

Both programs are non-binding. However, I have some reservations about GW.

I heard a while back that the school was under investigation for having their medical education license or accreditation suspended or something revoked, I mean if that had happened to me while I was attending, I'd go nuts. I want to go to a stable medical college and get my degree and get out, and have no one raise a question about the validity of my degree.

That being said, which program do you guys think I should apply to (I can only apply to one).

Thanks for the advice, I really and truly appreciate it!


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Mar 18, 2008
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No risk, I'd go to VCU. I don't think the cost is worth it if you have a cheaper option like VCU.
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Apr 23, 2012
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VCU. You get in-state tuition = less debt = more money spent on speedboats and motorcycles.

But OP said the 4.0 studs apply to VCU, and they only accept 2 early decision. Unless OP is a 4.0 / 35 / 2000 volunteer hours / 200 shadowing hours / 3 pubs gunner, I think she should apply ED to GWU only, and if she's not comfortable with GWU, then she should not apply ED anywhere.
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