Sep 16, 2015
Has anyone taken a really long time between 3rd year rotations/shelf exams and Step 2 CK? I am almost 3 years out due to doing a PhD in between 3rd and 4th year and now am planning on taking Step 2 CK in the near future. I feel as if I have forgotten everything from all of my rotations and from studying for shelf exams. If anyone has had a similar situation before, how long did it take to get back to your 3rd year level of knowledge/test-taking ability? I want to do really well on Step 2 but also don't want to overdo the studying since I could still finish up some extra research stuff with my PhD lab.


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Jul 25, 2008
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Yes I had an 18 month time gap from 3rd year rotations and then taking Step2.

I watched the videos and took notes. It helped a lot! I don't think I would've done as well without those videos to help get me back in to the swing of things. I had about 2 months completely off where I watched the videos, took notes and read and then another 2 months of starting back rotations where I mostly just did questions in the evening.