Taking the GRE while studying abroad?! (Amsterdam)

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Mar 9, 2010
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I am currently studying abroad, and I am likely going to need to take the GRE while I am here in the Netherlands.

Has anyone taken the GRE while abroad? I assume everything (including instructions given at the test center, etc.) will be in English, but I don't want to be surprised by any problems that wouldn't have happened at home?

I will be taking the exam in Amsterdam. Anyone have advice?

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No advice, unfortunately, but the one thing I might have worried about are the keyboards. I just started to write about this, but I looked it up and I see that they do use pretty standard QWERTY keyboards, unlike in some other parts of Europe. I was a little worried about the analytical writing section if they used a keyboard format which would be less familiar to you. I do wonder how that works in countries which use non-QWERTY formats.
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Hah, I'm not actually going to school in Amsterdam, that's just where the testing center is!
I didn't take the general GREs abroad, but i did take my psych GREs in Seoul, Korea. I wouldn't worry about the English issue. Even in Korea, where I was the only non-Korean taking the test, everything was done in English. Everything went the same as any test I have ever taken in the U.S., so don't worry too much about it. Just remember to bring your passport along as a form of ID, and if you are not too familiar with the Netherlands, I suggest going there the day before to make sure you know where you're going. I had a local take me to the testing center and if hadn't been for her, I wouldn't have known where to go (the GREs were in English but the directions to the center? not so much.) Good luck!!
Hah, fortunately I've been here for a few months so I can understand enough of the language to navigate--or so I hope!

Thanks for the advice everyone!
I took the GRE hear in Budapest last year, and Prometrics has some great aids on their website that I used. As for language barriers, I didn't experience any. However, they are very strict about test compromise and security so don't be suprised if they come off a little rude. Hope this helps, and good luck!