TCOM housing questions!

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Aug 6, 2003
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For those that live near the campus. My wife and I would like to know how long it would take you to drive to White Settlement or Benbrook? We have talked to a realtor and she implied that it would take about 10 minutes to drive to either one of those areas. She also said that my wife would not have to drive on the major highways to get to TCOM. She said surface streets would be just as quick to school and back? Can someone verify that before we make plans to spend a bunch of time hunting for a house in those areas? THANKS IN ADVANCE!! :thumbup:

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I think it is more like 15-20 minutes to Benbrook, maybe 10 to White Settlement (they really need to do something about that name....)

True, you don't have to get on I-30 for either of those suburbs. My friend has a nice 3-BR 2BA in Benbrook with a GIANT yard. Don't know what they paid but I think it's reasonable out there.
I don't know much about Ft. Worth and I am starting at TCOM this fall. I would like to live in a part of town that is young with a lot of things to do. Any recommendations on where to live? I don't want to live too far away from campus.

Any advice would be appreciated.

There are some really nice apartment downtown now, pricey if solo, but with a room mate that would be pretty nice. Within walking distance of Sundance Square.

Also their are some really nice apartments that are reasonably priced about 5 minutes from the school. They use a train as their logo and I believe they are called "The Depot" or "Station 5" or something equally train station sounding.

Finally, you are a 10 minute drive from Hulen Mall. The mall is surrounded to the south and west by many apartment complexes. A lot of TCU students live in that area.