tell me more about the first year.

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Jun 14, 2000
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If you are taking classes from morning till night, how do you find time to study afterwards?

you certainly can't get a good grade on anatomy if you only have time to go over the book only once.



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Feb 2, 2001
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Here at UC, we don't usually have classes all day. There's plenty of time to study between and after classes. Also, some people don't go to class much (or at all), because they prefer to study instead. Believe me, there's plenty of time to go to class, study, and still have a life.


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Oct 3, 2001
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My school didn't have class all day...

During gross anatomy
Somedays had morning classes, most did not.
Normal days were lecture from 1-3,4 pm
Go to lab from the end of lecture untill...
6-7 maybe 8 but you get hunger so you leave..
Sometimes go back...
but then eat dinner and study (relax, etc)
Go to bed at 1am then get up a 9 am and start over...

its all about time management...
You can have a life if you make time for it

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