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How to format your WAMC thread:

Suggested information to include when creating a WAMC thread are as follows:

Date of submission:
Overall GPA:
Science GPA:
Bio-Chem-Physics GPA:
DAT score (include AA and all sections):
It is very hard for people to give you feedback without a score.
State of Residence: put either the state or Canada or International

Undergrad Attended: if you want to include this
Major: If double major, list both here
Minor: If double minor, list both here
Minority? Yes/No- Asians are NOT a minority
Reapplicant? Yes/No
Nontrad? Yes/No- Do not select yes if you took a gap year (or years) OR if you're doing a Masters; nontrads are usually career changers or military

Shadowing Experience: Hours and type
Volunteering Experience: Hours and type
Employment: Hours and type
Research: Hours and type; any publications or presentations? How many?
Other Extracurriculars: Hours and type; includes athletics, military, leadership, etc.
Have you volunteered/shadowed/attended events at any dental schools? networking, volunteering in a D-school clinic, shadow faculty, etc.
Relevant Honors or Awards:
LOR type and strength:
Misc Info/Things not stated elsewhere/Red Flags:
School list:
Please include a list of schools you are interested in applying to! It is much easier for users to help you when you have taken the time to construct your own school list first!

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