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Temple (LKSOM) vs. Tufts

Happy Duck

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Jul 24, 2017
  1. Medical Student
    Interested in earning my MD/MPH and working in an urban environment, likely as an ED physician.


    • Cheaper tuition
    • Philadelphia is good distance from where the rest of my family is
    • Have a lot of good research opportunities for things like health disparities/health policy (although it is within the department of Urban Bioethics, so IDK if I could be involved if I'm not getting that degree).
    • Step-out year for the MPH is after second year (a lot of schools do it after third, which seems to make more sense)
    • Unsure about the reputation of Temple or quality of clinical sites
    • MD/MPH program is still only four years, so no extra time needed.
    • Slightly higher ranking/better reputation than Temple
    • Super expensive (five years at Temple is probably still cheaper than four years at Tufts)
    • A little far from my family
    • Unsure of the public health research opportunities (website says page can't be found)


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    Feb 23, 2017
    1. Medical Student (Accepted)
      Public health is actually a strength of Tufts. The difference in tuition is negligible here, although cost of living in Philly will be cheaper. Temple has an outstanding EM program, so that's something to consider as well if you're really interested. Both great schools but overall I would lean towards Tufts.
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