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Dec 29, 2006
New Jersey
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hey guys,

I recently got accepted to both schools and figure there is no one better to ask than current dental students and hopefully some recently graduated dentists now paying back their loans.

I live in New Jersey. Being pestimistic, Temple will cost me 100k plus interest more than UMDNJ. To you guys, is it worth the price difference. Personally, I like the Temple atmosphere better, but I am realaistic and will not be bitter if I go to UMDNJ.

I am unable to find the recent average board schools of either school or the match rankings of both schools to desired residency spots by students. Everyone I ask in my life (parents, dentists, brother who is docotr, advisors, etc..) has given me different answers. Either
1. go where you will be most happy(Temple), since you will perform better, and will allow you more options(Temple..I think), or..
2. go to where is cheapest because you will be a dentist after 4 years regardless (UMDNJ)

Being that most of you guys have had to make decisions similar to this and are probobly fimiliar with each of the schools, I wanted to get your opinion. It will be much appreciated.


Car Ramrod
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Sep 19, 2007
The Dirty Jerz
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Go to UMDNJ.


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Feb 11, 2008
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UMDNJ for sure. 100K difference is significant, no matter how much you like Temple better.
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