MD Terrible undergrad grades—is it still possible to become a surgeon?

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Mar 13, 2022
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I’m currently a fifth-year senior.

I’ve bounced between several majors and am currently majoring in my creative passion, but I am very worried about what my future in that industry would look like. College has been…a ride.

- I have taken all but one all pre-med classes but mostly earned Cs. My current cGPA is ~3.4; my sGPA is barely >2.0.

- I have shadowed, volunteered, and taken leadership roles (but done no research).

My family pressured me into pre-med originally, so I always disdained the profession, but deep down, I have always wanted to be a surgeon.

How feasible is this?

Would I need to retake the pre-reqs? Do a post-bacc? Or could I get into med school by rocking the MCAT and writing a great personal statement (along with letters of rec, interviews, etc.)?

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Why surgery? Have you considered podiatry?

You need a stronger science GPA. We don't have your transcript so I'm not sure what direction you should take in repairing your transcript without more information. I don't recommend going forward here until this can be resolved.
With a sGPA barely>2.0 you would probably be auto screened from both MD and DO. Additionally what makes you think you’d have the scientific knowledge to “rock the MCAT”?

What are your clinical experiences? What about your nonclinical volunteering activities? Please be specific for both of these responses? Don’t worry about no research. It won’t be important at the schools you will apply to.

Why did it take you so long to admit you are interested in medicine?
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Getting into medical school itself is a challenge. If you specifically want to be a surgeon and would dislike being in another area (such as family medicine), then it is not worth further investment.

It seems you have received advice multiple times in the past, and these still hold true regarding showing academic improvement in the sciences:

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