Test Anxiety!

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Jul 5, 2001
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Do any of you SDNers have good methods for coping with test anxiety? Just thought I'd ask since I'd be in the thick of it in just a few short days!


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Your topic title hits the nail on the head with the word anxiety. Each person deals with it differently, but some of the tried and true advice includes getting sufficient sleep the night before a test, exercise and good nutrition. All of those things are hard to come by in medical school, but try your best. Some people have used meditation and yoga with good success. If you are really having bad anxiety, don't be afraid to seek help. Many schools have mini courses on dealing with test anxiety, so check out the other professional schools, graduate schools and undergrad colleges to see if these are available. On a place as large as MSU, I would bet that there are resources, you just may have to dig a little to find them. See what your student services offers. Good luck, and remember that you aren't alone. I don't know of anyone that enjoys testing, so anxiety is there for us all to some degree!
Get a massage!!! Always works. Trust me.
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Try using different ways of learning a subject. Making a tape writing flash cards and getting together for quiz review in a group. All these methods allow less stress. Try using the 5 senses when studying. Or study each night in the classroom where you'll be taking your test. If your school has a counselor talk to them
Good Luck
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preferably in the room where you take your test :D

d: good point - stress hookups could be a good thing - a true win-win situation... :laugh: (although, sex in the ANAT lab is well, kinda funky)

I was out at the local bar studying biochem last Thursday night... $5 pitchers and glycolysis - oh, oh, oh... BTW, if you smirk at that, I got a gained an extra 8% in right answers by that... then again, to each their own.

Funniest thing - I NEVER drank before medical school (and I used to work in nightclubs).:oops:


When you have to take soooo many test the past week and this week, do you think it is a little too late to know any good methods for coping with test anxiety?

Gook luck on your anatomy lab test and the remaining others.:D

Actually, this post was originally made before I started school...or at least the major portion of it. So, it's not as if I posted it in the middle of my hell week. I was just trying to get ideas from other people and to see if there were other people that had stresses similar to my own. I'm doing well, though and besides, it's never too late to try to learn new methods of coping. It's going to become a great art of mine. Best of luck!