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Texas Interview Tips

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Anastasis, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Anastasis

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    Feb 20, 2005
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    I started this thread to get a general consensus from the Texas applicants about their general impressions/tips for Texas interviewing (i.e. If you interview at Houston in August, it will be hotter than hell and you will be walking around the TMC so try to find a slightly cooler suit.)

    Please share your ideas here and I will link to this thread in the FAQ section.
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  2. aggiesarah2007

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    Dec 1, 2006
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    TCOM - its very laid back. in a nice area of Ft. Worth. watch out for traffic though during rush hour. You go to a really nice lunch place. Also, the interview group is VERY small (7 people ish) and everyone will get there at a different time based on their interviews, which could be morning or afternoon.

    A&M - You will be driving to Temple after your College Station interview, so please look at a map so you'll have a clue where you're going. Its really easy but just print out a quick overview of a map so you won't be confused, which will lower your stress level. Also, there is more sitting at this interview, but use the time to chat other people up

    UTH - In all seriousness, if your shoes are uncomfortable, bring flip flops to wear for the tour. They really don't mind. Also, here you get a burnt orange :barf: bag thing with all of your stuff, so you will have a nice place to put things. Get snacks to take home with you after the interview day (they provide them!) Also, you'll probably get to see some kind of surgery, so turn your cell phone off. It messes up the instruments

    UTHSCSA - Almost all parts of your tour will be indoors, going through corridors and stuff so it won't be too hot unless your guide makes you go up and down stairs like mine did. The box lunch the provide isn't as exciting as most, but you do get a chance to eat with 4th years. NOTE! 4th years are on the admissions committee so ask questions, but also be careful with what you say since they potentially could make or break you

    UTSW - Everything is indoors pretty much. Very little outdoor walking so heat/cold isn't a real problem. There will most likely be MD/PhD people who are dressed more casually because they interviewed the day before and are only there for info/tour (i was very confused when I saw them)

    TxTech - For the most part it is all in doors. They provide transportation after interviews to the airport so take them up on it. It is a nice way to talk to the med student that will drive you in a casual atmosphere. They also always start late. You should be on time, but don't expect them to. Also, they will give you a place to store your luggage if you flew so don't worry about that. Depending on which hotel you stay at you can get transportation from the airport to the hotel, and then they will also drive you to the school the morning of your interview. Very handy.

    UTMB - It is hot and humid. And you will have to hike around their campus to different buildings to find your interview so bring some kleenex to dab off the sweat (but make sure you don't leave any on your face!). They'll also point out that everyone is wearing black and will like it if you're wearing something different. But don't buy an extra suit for this if you are in black. I don't remember a lot because I was super sick at my interview. I was shivering outside in my suit and it was Aug 11th.
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