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The Black Bantam
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Feb 14, 2005
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I checked my application status there and I'm missing one thing: TMDSAS Medicine Signature Page. What is that? Is that the one page that I had to sign and mail to TMDSAS? I find it really weird that they've received everything else from TMDSAS except that. Should I call and ask what's up?


hmmm that should be sent with your application. could it mean the signature sheet from the tech app? i'd call and just see what's going on. it may just turn out that it's a clerical error or something. shrugs.

Sol Rosenberg

Long Live the New Flesh!
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Feb 12, 2006
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Couldn't hurt to call, but FWIW, mine originally showed that to not be complete and I was going to call about it, but after a few days it just magically showed up as complete.

That page is probably sitting in a pile somewhere waiting for someone to check it off in the computer as received, but it wouldn't hurt to call if it would make you feel better about it...
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